Friday, 20 September 2013

Weekly Update - iOS7

This week in the RouteShoot village, the jury is still out on iOS7. The luddites, the “don’t fix what isn’t broke”, and the “I’ve just got to grips with iOS6” among us seem rather anti, while the “all progress is good” and the “come on - embrace the new” are pro. However I think we’re all thinking the icons and white backgrounds are a little retro.

One not-so-good thing about iOS7 is that it now handles map positioning on the screen a little differently, so something that wasn’t an iOS error before now is! This has led to a minor bug with playback in some (not all) existing RouteShoot files, but we are already on the case and have a fix for it. We are just looking now to wedge in a couple of feature upgrades that were already in the pipeline – just some minor of bits of debugging and additional testing to do – and we’ll issue an update. We would rather get it all in one release than throw ourselves into the Apple approvals process twice in quick succession for the sake a waiting a few days.

So if you have upgraded to iOS7 and have noticed a few of your old videos won’t play, don’t worry, we should get the upgrade out in the next fortnight. And everyone should be able to pick up the new RouteShoot features too, whether upgrading or sticking with iOS6 for the time being.

Have a good weekend everybody.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Weekly Update - bye-bye summer, at least I RouteShooted some sun

Well, the holiday season is over, the rain falls, the kids are back at school, the traffic is a nightmare, and all the parking spaces are gone. Bye-bye British summer time.

Still, with RouteShoot at least I can look back on my holiday and remind myself of the warm sunshine and clear blue skies (not to mention lack of congestion) I was greeted with when I took a short break in Portugal...

Hooray - Portugal; that is yet another Western European country ticked off as RouteShoot output streams in from across the globe.

Despite the gloomy weather and traffic situation, things on the RouteShoot for Business front continue to look rosy. New interest from more customers, and we will be setting up further meetings in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space!