Friday, 27 June 2014

Exciting New Developments

Here at RouteShoot we are constantly working to update and improve our product. Under the "coming soon" heading we are pleased to announce that we are in advanced testing of our bookmarking development.

In this forthcoming release, in addition to recording your videos and routes, you will also be able to geo-tag points of interest as you go.

In the picture below you can see the results of some early testing, where we have bookmarked the positions of lamp posts when we took a drive around the campus at the University of Exeter (where we are based).

Each red push-pin represents the position of a lamp post along this route 

Both point items and line items will be catered for in the final version of the app.

And if that wasn't enough - at the same time we are also looking to release a Bluetooth controller for this version, so you won't have to tap the screen or any buttons on your smartphone to get this to work. Once mounted (say in the windscreen of your car) you will be able to start and stop recording and geo-tag features using a small remote control.

If things keep on track we plan to have both the app and the controllers ready to go before the end of Q2.

While you are waiting for those developments to come on line, please take a minute to check out our updated website at - and don't forget, you can still ask us for a free, no obligations trial if you are interested in the commercial version.

Oh, and one last thing, we are also expecting to get some more RouteShoot video recorded around the Glastonbury Festival site again this year. If we do, we'll post some here - so check back in regularly if you're interested in that.