Friday, 29 August 2014

New York Update

Welcome, or maybe (we hope) welcome back...

Last week we were invited to the US by our biggest customer Premier. The reason for our visit was two-fold. Firstly we were there to catch up on some of the new technologies we are exploring with Premier for RouteShoot, such as data capture from Google Glass and from drones.

Premier offices - Hauppauge, Long Island

The picture below shows Premier's Director of Technology, Chris Bartlett, demonstrating the preparation of one of their drones for RouteShoot video capture to our MD. 

RouteShoot takes to the skies

The second reason for our visit was to attend the Willbros "Innovation Summit" in New York. At this event, Willbros displayed some of their own technology solutions, developed in-house, for the utilities and pipeline sectors using the Google Maps Engine (GME). The event was staged to demonstrate Willbros' cutting-edge approach to data management at a time when US Codes of Federal Regulation (CFR) are placing increasing governance pressures on infrastructure management companies.

Setting up for the Willbros Innovation Summit

Attendees at the event included Willbros' clients, potential clients, senior managers and investors.

RouteShoot featured as technology partners for Geo-referenced video capture

We were really proud and privileged to feature at this event, alongside Google, as a technology partner to Willbros. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Marc, Chris and the whole of the Willbros/Premier team for this opportunity.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Occasional Update

Hi all,

We haven’t blogged for a little while, so it’s probably time for a quick update.

Things seem a bit quiet on the commercial front at the moment, as everyone appears to have their minds on other things – not least taking their summer vacations. But this doesn’t mean that nothing is going on. Our developers are still slogging away, but at the moment this is all on back-end stuff, so nothing we can show fancy pictures of - which is a bit of a shame.

We did get a bit of RouteShoot press coverage though, through Creative England, when our FD (and co-founder) was interviewed to tease out some advice about starting up a new company. If you would like to see his words of “wisdom” then please take a look at the article here.

We were also interviewed recently by Deloitte, on behalf of Google, in respect to how cloud computing is helping our company to grow. The report by Deloitte is still being worked on, but hopefully we’ll get some feedback we can share with you next month.

Next for us, our MD and FD are off to New York next week, as guests of our biggest client, Premier – and if we’re lucky they will get to meet some representatives of Google. Hopefully they’ll both remember to take some videos and photos, and we’ll have something more exciting to blog about next time.

Until then, we hope you’re all having great vacations. Don’t forget to RouteShoot the best bits.

Also, if you're interested in commercial use, a reminder that our free, no-obligation trial is still available. Just click here to sign up today.