Monday, 22 September 2014

Occasional Update


Just a quick catch up on developments - since we haven't blogged for a couple of weeks.

Drone Technology

We have finally got hold of some footage of the first drone flight tests in the US. While the video itself isn't particularly exciting, this is a great example of how we expect to see RouteShoot used in the future.

In this case Premier didn't actually use the RouteShoot smartphone app to capture the video and route, but rather they took the video file from the drone's built-in camera and matched it up with a separate route file, created at the same time, using a simple GPS-logger.

First test flight of the Premier drone

In future we plan to expand the web-side functionality of RouteShoot so that we can support many different input options. So, as long as you are collecting a video and GPS data in some way, we will be able to load that alongside any videos you shoot using the smartphone app. The RouteShoot website then becomes the definitive CMS for all of your geo-located imagery, whatever system you are using to collect the data.

We are currently working on developments to support the most common GPS file types, and one particularly specialist bit of camera kit for a prospective client. Hopefully we'll have some more news on that soon.

Exporting and UKTI

On the exporting front, we continue to explore opportunities overseas and, as you might expect, we are really pushing to get RouteShoot used as widely across the world as possible. In order to achieve this we are working closely with UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and they have been promoting us through their own recent press releases. We are hoping to get some National coverage soon, but so far they have managed to get us featured in our local press - which is a good start. Please click on the links below to see these articles:

Until next time...