Tuesday, 21 October 2014

RouteShoot Recommended by Stuff (again!)

Following our "App of the Week" review by Stuff.tv back in April, we are really happy to let you know that they have been singing our praises again.

According to Stuff there are now more than 927,000 free Android apps available in the Google Play store - and they have chosen us as one of 30 "cracker" apps to look out for.

Please read their article here. We are listed number 30, but we don't think the list is in any particular order.

Nice to think that out of all the apps on the store we are included in a select 0.01% that they have picked out for a specific mention. Our thanks, once again, to the Stuff team for appreciating our work.

About Stuff.tv: Stuff is the world’s biggest-selling gadget magazine, and Stuff.tv is the online bit of that magazine (if that makes any sense). It’s where you can find tech news that’s wry but not dry, the world’s most trusted gadget tests and exclusive previews of the latest phones, computers, tablets, games, apps, TVs, hi-fi, headphones, cameras, consoles, and media players.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Occasional Update

Once again hi.

It is that time again when we feel we should spread a little bit of RouteShoot news and observation, so here we go...

RouteShoot New Recruit - (nearly a tongue twister, but not quite)

Down at RouteShoot HQ in Exeter, our team continue to go from strength to strength. We are very pleased this week to be able to introduce our newest team member Stacey. Despite a busy first week for Stacey, getting settled into her new Business Development role, she was able to give us the following statement:

"I’m delighted to join the RouteShoot team, especially in such an exciting stage of growth. I will be involved in improving the organisation’s market position and also exploring new opportunities for expansion and development. I hope to draw upon my previous experience for this varied role whilst adapting and learning new skills on the job." 

If you are on our existing customer list, or sit within our target markets for the commercial version of RouteShoot, we hope that you will be hearing from Stacey soon.

Industry Update - Street Works

For those of you in the highways maintenance or utilities sectors, you will probably be aware that the new Code of Practice for Safety at Street Works and Road Works has come into force this month. Compliance with this code is mandatory, and the Code warns that failure to comply is "evidence of failing to fulfil the legal requirements to sign, light and guard works".

We believe that RouteShoot would be an ideal way for companies to prove that they have complied with this Code. Date and time-stamped, geo-located video could provide an unequivocal record that your company has set out and inspected its street works in line with your obligations. These records could be of vital importance should a company find itself having to defend future claims against it.

For a free, no obligation trial of RouteShoot please visit our main website by clicking here

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

For those of you that don't know, RouteShoot makes use of "the cloud" for storing the video and route files created by our smartphone apps. Cloud computing has really been a key factor in delivering the RouteShoot product.

In August this year our FD, Adam, was interviewed by Deloitte and, as one of around 35 companies, RouteShoot's experience with cloud computing was used as input to a report commissioned by Google. Whilst RouteShoot is not directly credited, the report, "Small business, big technology: How the cloud enables rapid growth in SMBs", can be viewed by clicking here.

You can also link to Google's own "Google for Work" Blog by clicking here

And Finally

And finally, we have to say that this report from the BBC website made us smile. Scientist have discovered the brain's GPS!

Now, if only we could get that information out as NMEA strings.