Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jockey's Eye View: RouteShoot - Video Technology for the Equine Industry

For English technology company RouteShoot, remote GPS data capture presents a new business opportunity featuring horses and equine management.

Ever wondered what it's like to:
  • Be on board one of the horses charging down the home stretch in the local derby?
  • Whilst competing, capture GPS tagged video, speed, elevation and the track map whether it be for post race analysis or just for the hell of it?
  • Store all of that recorded data in the cloud and then have the ability to share it with anyone, anywhere in the world?

In the EU, at least 6.4 million people practice equine sports – two percent of the population of member countries. The region counts over 4.4 million horses, or about 12 horses per thousand habitants.

Iberian sport horses figure among the most talented, popular breeds and today train and compete in elite events all over the world.

The horse industry plays a part in national, state and local economies in Europe, North America and South America. The equine sector is diverse, involving business, sport, gaming, recreation and generating specialised skills and general employment across the board. Competition and leisure activities involving horses are important business concerns!

What is RouteShoot?
RouteShoot is the latest innovation in video, route tracking and collaborative working. A platform that enables GPS tagged video and images to be recorded, uploaded, stored and shared online. 

The RouteShoot platform is comprised of three key components, a free Smartphone application, a video hosting option and a web-based data delivery system. Brought together as a package, these elements combine to provide users with a simple, flexible and complete solution.  

Think HD camera footage, streaming features and data collection capturing; speed, elevation, precision and accuracy.

How is it mounted?
Attached to a wearable harness such as the ' MiVeu Mounted Harness' we believe RouteShoot could hold huge potential for the equine industry.

Can it be used with drones?
Providing the drone has a smartphone compatible mount or RouteShoot supports the third party hardware already installed on the drone then in short, yes! The use of commercial drones has exploded across a number of industries in recent years. Some have already been adapted to deliver food, monitor endangered species and provide spectacular panoramic shots for film and journalistic purposes. 

However, in the equine world drones flying above are more commonly linked to spooking the horses out which could spell danger, and possible lifetime injuries. To combat these dangers you would need to layout the ground rules and stick by them, meaning stay away from crowds and do not flyover the horses at anytime.

The combination of video and route tracking within RouteShoot provides the user with a powerful tool which records not only what they saw but exactly where they were. There is no need to buy or hire expensive equipment; your existing smartphone turns into a data capture solution available in everyone's pocket.

There is nothing complicated about RouteShoot for the user, we do all of the work, putting together the video, GPS and attribute graphs, all you need to do is record and upload. Once you have uploaded, the video and GPS trace are stored on secure servers in the cloud so you do not have to keep the videos on your phone.

RouteShoot is available now to download on the Apple, Windows and Google Play Stores, and you can read more about it on the RouteShoot website. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Introducing RouteShoot 'Fast Forward'

This month we've rolled out a brand new feature on the playback screen!

A popular request from the RouteShoot community was to be able to fast-forward through captured footage.

Many times while viewing a RouteShoot video you want to be able to adjust the playback speed.

Whilst viewing the video in the RouteShoot platform simply hover along the bottom of the playback screen and a tool bar will appear as shown below.

By clicking the fast forward icon you can control the speed of a video from a choice of 6 speed settings.

An extremely useful feature especially when you want to view a video very quickly but still understand what is happening.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Recording Audio with RouteShoot

Did you know RouteShoot allows you to capture audio commentary? RouteShoot audio enables your teams to record audio from their iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows device to attach to video captured in the field. This will be a great addition for users looking to record field notes by speaking into their phone, for later transcription.

For performing inspections, or simply being able to quickly log observations without having to input on your phone or tablet, audio capture could be a huge time saver and an addition that adds even more to the RouteShoot feature set.

We know there are dozens of ways our users are already using this functionality. If you have an interesting use case for logging audio recordings while in the field, let us know!