Monday, 29 June 2015

An introduction...

Hello! I’m Jamila from Switzerland and I am undertaking an internship abroad in Exeter working for RouteShoot for five weeks. You will find me assisting with social media, blogging, video marketing, email marketing and events publicity.

The place I come from called “Montagnola”, is a small Swiss village in Collina d'Oro municipality. Located in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, it is close to the border between Switzerland and Italy. It looks over Lake Lugano and the city of Lugano upon it.

I'm currently studying full time as a Graphic Designer at the Educational Center for Artistic Industries (CSIA) in Lugano and have just finished my 3rd year. During my time at CSIA i have gained valuable work experience with Graphic Design studios in Ticino.

I think my internship abroad is a good chance to improve my command of English and I look forward to working with and contributing to the RouteShoot team

Jamila Rickenbach

Friday, 19 June 2015

New and Improved RouteShoot

Recently, the RouteShoot website has been completely redesigned. In addition to loads of new content, new price plans, and a totally new look, we have also made some improvements to the user platform and the app!


The RouteShoot platform is where all of the magic happens so we thought we'd share with you a few of the changes that have occurred over the past few weeks.

  • RouteShoot Journal - Dynamic Thumbnails in the user activity feed now show the conversion progress.
  • Support for WMS (web map service) - The RouteShoot platform now supports custom base maps.
  • Custom Map Thumbnails - Users custom maps can now be viewed in thumbnails alongside the video via the activity feed.
  • Routeshoot Route Line - The colour of the route line can now be customised to your preference.

In addition to the amendments, frequent visitors to may have noticed that the platform got a bit of a facelift recently. Once that endeavor went live, we immediately took aim at doing the same thing for our website.

Earlier this week we rolled out a complete redesign of the RouteShoot website with a new look & feel, cleaner interface, and a more comprehensive overview of the RouteShoot product and options available to the user. Visit now to take a look at the richer, easier to navigate, snazzy new website!

The RouteShoot App

Our latest version of RouteShoot for Windows has just gone live on the Windows Phone Store, and is bringing some great new functionality to the product. We’ve been making big strides to get our Windows app to the place where it’ll be a fantastic data collection platform for teams working on gathering data out in the field. Below are a list of updates in version
  • Duration and file size of the video now appears in the library display
  • The ability to delete the video and KML from the library has now been actioned
  • The order in which the items are displayed in the library is now time descending
  • A position marker has been added to the video playback map
  • Better user feedback for issues relating to GPS
  • The recorder timer is now visible on the display screen
  • The option to track GPS position on playback has also been added
  • Bookmarking feature is now enabled

Download the latest version of RouteShoot from the Windows Phone Store now to get access to a couple of cool new features!

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Future Highways 2015 - The KIA Oval Cricket Ground

The RouteShoot Team have just returned from London following a great Future Highways Conference. This was our first Future Highways Conference, and as with many of these exhibitions, the best thing about attending is being surrounded by all the creative energy of folks excited about implementing innovative stuff!

General Observations

  • The conference venue was an excellent choice with fantastic views over the oval cricket ground.
  • The recommended hotel was a good call, easy to get to and within walking distance to get to the venue itself. 
  • The food was exceptionally good and there were plenty of open spaces which was a plus for socialising and general networking. 

Key Takeaways

  • Conference speakers continued to impress with entertaining and insightful talks relating to the highways industry.
  • Over at the stand we met lots of interesting people - clients old and hopefully new.

RouteShoot at Future Highways 2015

Future Highways was a professional development opportunity for our team. Although there were responsibilities of manning a stand, we were still able to enjoy the sessions of our choosing, network with potential clients and come away with ideas to brainstorm what’s next for RouteShoot.

Attending events like Future Highways reinvigorates our creative approach, helps us personally connect with our clients and colleagues, and re-energises our commitment to building the best mobile video collection platform available.