Monday, 17 August 2015

Unleashing Equestrian Potential

A horse riders companion; ride and record your route, share with friends and family, edit and view online.

Once you have stopped recording you can then save and share your rides with friends via Email or Social Media. You can also view and edit your rides via the website.

Main Features:
  • Videos get stored in the Cloud, so they won’t affect your phones storage
  • Record in SD or HD and measure the course
  • Photograph jumps, video lines and record audio all plotted alongside a route
  • Capture statistics including speed, elevation, distance and time
  • Enable bookmarks to capture up to 3 different types of 'Point' and 'Linear' points of interest
  • Available internationally for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Free to download
Create an equestrian course map by combining video and GPS straight from your Smartphone. 

RouteShoot is a combination of the RouteShoot website and the RouteShoot mobile application, which allows users to share their favourite routes with friends, family and those with similar interests.

RouteShoot helps riders review data using our web-based visualisation tools and access video playback alongside its route.

Visit now for your free 30 day trial.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Corporate Governance and RouteShoot

The administration of local road networks in countries which are largely poor and fragmented has put a drag on inclusive growth prospects, weighing on farmer fisheries and tourism development.

National governments are now launching national programs to upgrade national and local road networks, but there are major challenges in realising the strategic roads investments vision.

Most local governments, have no comprehensive, open, and validated map to their road network. Main road investment programs have historically been both opaque and highly politicised. Tracking public roads investments from budgeting, procurement, implementation, audit, and maintenance has more often than not been a broken chain.

With governance and public infrastructure delivery challenges on a vast scale there are no silver bullets, but better information and stakeholder information and engagement will clearly need to be an ingredient of this effort.

Our infographic below details the cycle of how RouteShoot is helping contribute to that aim with the World Bank out in the Philippines.