Monday, 21 September 2015

Interactive School Bus Route Mapping

The simplest ideas are often the most effective. Our interactive bus route maps for schools are just what parents want.

As an operator who offers a school bus service, one of the issues you may face is explaining your routes to parents and pupils. After speaking with other service providers, most tend to provide either printed or digital maps of the routes available, but find that young school children often don't know the local area well enough to interpret the maps. Therefore, operators have been looking for another way of showing this information. 

RouteShoot allows you to record the routes using a free, easy to download smartphone app and play them back alongside a map. Accessing the data captured via your very own website, with videos publicly available to both parents and pupils.

Locate your collection point on the map, click on the route and the area related to your stop is clearly shown.

Our interactive Bus Routes are for any school with any amount of routes. Yes it is simple and effective and low cost to implement!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

RouteShoot for Disaster Relief

The capabilities, efficient team collaboration, and flexibility of RouteShoot can be easily leveraged for disaster preparation, response, and relief efforts. Any form of disaster preparation requires plenty of data collection, and RouteShoot is a great, cost efficient alternative to other GPS equipment. In addition, RouteShoot can be used for collecting infrastructure information, documenting homes for insurance purposes before a storm, and so much more.

After a disaster, RouteShoot can be quickly deployed to the field with minimal training and preparation; and since most people have smart phones or tablets anyway, there’s no need to obtain any equipment — and the “bring your own device” model that crisis response agencies need becomes a reality.

RouteShoot users (whether organisation employees or volunteers) can be in the field reporting damage the minute a storm has passed, even if cellular networks are down. Data collected pre-storm, coupled with post-storm assessment information can greatly aid in relief efforts. RouteShoot allows for data to be uploaded in near real time, so someone sitting at a relief organisation’s HQ can be monitoring the damage as soon as field users sync their collected data.

If you think RouteShoot could help assist your relief efforts, be sure to get in touch for a demo to see a field solution ready for rapid and effective deployment.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about RouteShoot and how to make use of it before and after an event.