Monday, 9 May 2016

Aerial Surveillance and Spatial Multimedia

Waterways, Pipelines, electrical transmission lines and railroads all require inspection of assets.

The aerial survey has emerged as a credible solution.

Now, the use of video and digital photographs as well as its audio commentary is an invaluable tool for documentation and communication. Helicopter patrol and video recording is now an industry norm. The recordings extend the time in which visual assessment can be conducted and potentially enable the cooperative review of asset conditions by a body of expert inspectors.

With many of these patrols the video remains recorded to tape. While this format is reliable and seemingly low cost it can only be forced to recall detail with some difficulty. Therefore, tape based systems are changing to digital forms. When digital multimedia is accepted, all sorts of enterprise information can be associated with that content.

Geotagging, sometimes referred to as Geocoding, is the process of adding geographical identification to various media such as images, or video. This data usually consists of latitude and longitude coordinates, though it can also include altitude, bearing, place names, and other data.

RouteShoot uniquely complements that commitment to this technical change. And it is this spatial indexing of video patrols that radically shifts the utility of the visual inventory. Once spatialised as a set of map-indexed patrol pathways, the current and past conditions of the corridor landscape and its infrastructures can be shared and intuitively accessed across the organisation.

RouteShoot provides a solid foundation for geographically disperse asset management and timely decision support without incurring the expense associated with multiple on-site visits. Because the mapped multimedia content is available over a network, everyone in an organisation has simultaneous access to the store of information.


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